Richard Bonander - "Bison And Hunter"

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Richard Bonander - "Bison And Hunter"

It has been a wonderful experience working with Jocelyn Russell on Casper`s latest larger than life bronze monument "God`s Sacred Gift". This depiction of an Indian hunting a bison for his very existence is a dynamic detailed action packed monument. Jocelyn captured the moment just before throwing the spear. She shows the end of the chase with all its excitement and danger. All the way from developing the smaller maquette in clay to installing the 1 ½ life-size bronze monument, Jocelyn demonstrated her immense professional skills and love of art. It took just over a year to complete this huge project, thanks to her continuous oversight and hard work. This is the fourth monument I have worked on, so I truly appreciate how smooth and easy this one was to complete. Thanks!

Richard Bonander
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce- Beautification Committee
Dedicated June 2014

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