David S. Alcorn, Ph.D. - "Turning Point"

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David S. Alcorn, Ph.D. - "Turning Point"

"Jocelyn, it was an absolute pleasure working with you on 'Turning Point'. Your magnificent cougar bronze now enjoys a position of prominence in our Student Athletic Center.  Your work is most compelling, scores of visitors and students pause to take a second look.  Your patience and dedication to our project was professional, and your manner of working with our team was very impressive.  It is common to hear of exceptional artists, but it is uncommon, indeed, to hear that the artist is as equally committed to her client`s satisfaction as she is her finished sculpture.   Thank you for attending to the 'details`.  You made this a most memorable event for everyone.  I was very impressed at how you worked so well with so many, and still kept us all in the proverbial loop.  Our unveiling and dedication was able to go forward as scheduled.  Thank you, Jocelyn, for delivering such a beautiful sculpture!" 
  David S. Alcorn, Ph.D.

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