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Blue heron- Myrtle Beach - -

Gull bathing in fresh water- Myrtle Beach - -

Blue Heron- Myrtle Beach - -

Female wood duck- Myrtle Beach - -

Male wood duck-Myrtle Beach - -

- -

- -

Tiger Rescue-Myrtle Beach - -

Whiting from the pier- Myrtle Beach. (Jay taught me how to hold a fish so it looks much bigger!)The fisherman had just pulled it up and it was flopping on the boardwalk. I asked what he was going to do with it and he said probably feed it to the pelicans. So we took it back to our hotel on the oceanfront and fileted it with a razor blade. Added the filets to some Asian Noodles out of the microwave. Delicious! - -

Reckless in resin- I took her to the shows and worked on her tiny tack. Not done yet, but when I finish her halter, ammo and rigging, I'll send her off again for another mold. This is what we will use for the monument size. - -

Adult and juvenile sandhill cranes. See the entitlement? - Sarasota - -

Sandhill crane- Sarasota - -

Blue heron- Sarasota - -

Pelican-Sarasota - -

Great White Egret - -

Snowy Egret- we watched this little guy from our restaurant table. He/she would balance perfectly on the rope and lean slowly down to the water and then stab at a little fish. If you zoom in on this photo, you can see the fish! - -

Cousin Martha and Zoe- Marina Jack Restaurant - -

Snowy egret - -

Cousin Martha and Zoe- Marina Jack - -

Green Heron- Marina Jack - -

Cousin Martha and Zoe- Marina Jack Island Park - -

Cousin Martha and Zoe- Marina Jack Island Park - -

Cousin Martha- Lido Beach - -

peacock roaming the neighborhood on Longboat Key - -

peacock roaming the neighborhood on Longboat Key - -

Snowy Egret - -

Manatee- Anna Maria point. This manatee swam right underneath our feet whle we were standing on the pier. This was the best shot i could get when it came up for air. Hard to tell how big it was, but probably around 10' long and 1000 pounds. - -

Cousin Martha- Anna Maria Pier - -

Cousin Martha- Anna Maria Pier - -

Pelican- Florida - -

Pelican- these young birds were hanging at the pier and scooping up little fish. The pelican can hold up to 3 gallons of water in its expandable throat sac. If a fish is caught in the pouch with the water, the pelican will tilt the bill downward to drain the water out so they can swallow just the fish. - -

Great Egret rookery- Brays Island - -

Brays Island sunset - -

Brays Island sunset - -

African Spurred Tortoise (Sulcata) Man owns eight, was displaying them along the roadsice in Myrtle Beach. - -