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AFRICA WILDLIFE PHOTO SAFARI JULY 2014scroll 'next' for all photos

We could not have timed 'The Crossing' any better. The animals (zebra/wildebeest) follow the rains, so booking a trip to Africa six months in advance is a crap shoot. We were fortunate enough to withness TWO crossings in one day. The animals gather in surges along the bank, advancing, retreating, laying down, stampeding, gathering, surging again. Eventually, the tension breaks when one or more collects enough courage to crash down the bank into the river. The herd mentality draws the animals into a funnel down the bank, through the water, and up the far side. We did not witness any crocodile attacks, which was fine with me. The water level was down somewhat, so there were no seen casualties (drownings/eatings) during these two crossings. It was a very moving experience to see in life what I have only seen on televison.

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