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AFRICA WILDLIFE PHOTO SAFARI JULY 2014scroll 'next' for all photos

Our crew at the Serengeti tented camp, Halisi. Our driver is standing between Cynthie and me. His name was Godlisten, said he got his name because his mother had difficulty during his birth and she thought God had heard her prayers. Very personable and responsible. Talked a bit fast with a Swahili accent, but very endearing. Laughed at all of our jokes (who wouldn't). Babysat us like we were kids (we kind of were). I asked if he had a shorter name, and he said God. So you can imagine the banter for the next few days. And it's so funny.... when we talked about our driver in public later, I think we sounded like a bunch of Holy Rollers.
'God said he would pick us up in the morning at 7am'.
'God told us he would bring a box lunch for us.'
'God said he would drive us back to Arusha.'
It was SO FUNNY! Hey.... when God is at the wheel, you are surely going to have a safe trip, right?

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