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AFRICA MAASAI PHOTO SAFARI JULY 2014scroll 'next' for all photos

The hut had a winding entrance, very tight, that served as a bit of an airlock. It was probably 10' across in all directions. Inside, there was a small portal window about the size of my hand, which allowed just enough light to make out general surroundings once our eyes adjusted. There was a small pit fire smoldering in the center of the hut on the ground, they use this for heating and cooking. I was told to sit on the edge of the bed on the far side of the fire. I could tell it was a layer of sticks with a leather hide over it. We three discussed several traditions and manners of living in such a small hut (built with sticks, mud and cow dung). After awhile, I asked about the bed, and he confirmed it's components. He said i was on the husband's bed, and the wife's bed was just to my right, divided by a thin stick 'wall'. He told me to go ahead and feel the bed behind me... Criminey! I grabbed a hold of a live leg! The husband had been 'sleeping' there the whole time and I was assured that we did not disturb him. I snapped three flashes before I left, and he never flinched. I think I remember my feet looking like that after hours of barefoot play as a child.

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