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'Downhill Slide' -Moose
12"H x 12"L x 7"W
Edition of 48

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado offers some prime habitat for the Shiras moose. I remember my first trip to the park with my new high-powered camera. I was parked in a small parking lot next to a beautiful meadow. A big bull moose made his way out of the willows and the shutters were flying. Not knowing if he would linger, I ran through about three rolls of film (yes, before the digital camera!) and he was still making his way closer. To my amazement, he stepped over the log perimeter and nonchalantly made his way through the parking lot, weaving in and out of haphazardly parked cars, photographers all vying for a close up. Eventually, they had to move back, the bull was so close all you could see was his eye in the camera! As he stepped off the far side of the lot, he broke into a playful gallop, kicking his heels and cavorting with the cows as they slipped back into the willows. I`ve never seen such grace in a seemingly ungainly animal

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