"Early Departure"

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Early DepartureMooseEdition of 28 -"Early Departure"
'Early Departure'
Edition of 28

22"H x 27"L x 12"W

I was contacted by a client in England, a cold hit off the internet. He said the moose was his wife`s favorite animal and would I consider a commission. I get a little nervous about cold calls, but long story short, I have a moose in England. Several years later, a dear friend of mine, Marvin 'Red` Fuller, requested that I do a smaller version of the same moose. I completed the commission and he insisted on expediting the payment overnight. We were headed to Patagonia and he wanted to make sure I had a little 'jingle in my pocket. Following his suggestions, we visited some of his favorite places and made sure we drank as much 'Malbec wine as possible`. On our return, we found out that Marvin had passed during our absence. We still miss him dearly.

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