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The Inside TrackAvailable in two sizes(Please Scroll Down For Additional Views) -"Inside Track"
'The Inside Track'
Available in two sizes
(Please Scroll Down For Additional Views)
Bull Elk
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One of the first wild animals I tried to draw was an elk. Because I had been drawing horses for several years, alas, my elk looked like a horse with antlers. After years of research in the wild, I cannot think of another animal on this continent that embodies grace, power, and beauty more than the elk. Some of my favorite research time has been on the north side of Yellowstone, where the elk wander right into the little town of Mammoth and stake out their territories amidst the tourists. Although this does not seem 'wild`, I prefer to photograph the animals in a protected area rather than add to their stress during hunting season. The elk prefer to ignore the shutterbugs, but I have seen more than one tripod fly through the air as an over-eager photographer learns about respecting a bull in rut.

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