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'Long Shot' -Bobcat/Pheasant (also available in monument size)
20"H x 6"L x 8"W
Edition of 48

I have seen a bobcat in the wild three times that I recall. Recently, my family was at a mountain retreat in New Mexico. I had just received confirmation of a monument commission from NatureWorks for a bobcat/pheasant. I had taken the clay bobcat maquette to the reunion, hoping for some idle chat time during which I could put on the final touches. To my shock one day, I stepped out on the deck of our retreat and saw a bobcat sitting in the driveway! She tossed a casual glance my way, and proceeded to stalk some chipmunks and a bunny in the yard. I called to the family, who sifted out one by one on the deck. We watched her for at least thirty minutes, edging closer to her as she allowed. The final consensus was that she was not particularly concerned with our 'peerings', but she was definitely unimpressed with the foiling of a good hunt. In the end, we sifted one by one back into the house, I was the last to go. A thrilling bobcat fix and a battery of photos completed my research for Tulsa`s new Bobcat Monument.

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