The making of her monument
(There are over 100 photos on this page through her unveiling)

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Sgt Reckless- The Making of the Monument - SSGT RECKLESS-The making of her monument(There are over 100 photos on this page through her unveiling)

Welcome to the amazing story of an amazing heroine of the Korean War... the REAL War Horse, SSgt Reckless. You are invited here to share in the unfolding of the SSgt Reckless Monument Project, as seen through the eyes of the artist, and the photographs of many.

There are approximately 100 photos on this page, you may scroll down the thumbnails at right for an individual photo, or click the 'next' button to follow the progress chronologically. Many of the photos will have an explanation below the image. Following is a condensation of the Unveiling Ceremony Speech on Dedication Day, July 26, 2013 at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. it explains, in a nutshell, how this project came to be.

Triangle, Virginia

This has been an amazing journey, and one that I'm sure will continue for all of us long after we leave here today. I've made new friends, seen new places, and most importantly, come to know and respect this little mare and the people she served with.

About 2 1/2 years ago, a friend and patron of one of my shows, approached me with a possible project. He regaled a few short stories about Reckless and her antics during his brief service with her, and then gave me Robin's contact information. Thank you, Bob Rogers.

I was pretty certain this was just another pipe dream, most people have no idea what is involved in orchestrating and funding a monument project. But I hadn't met Robin yet. I believe 'enthusiasm and perseverance' aptly define our project leader. Without a background on monument fundraising, she powered through all the obstacles with a pure respect and dedication to bring the true story of Reckless back to the forefront. Thank you, Robin Hutton.

Along the path of this journey travels another veteran Marine . A story within himself, he has been an invaluable resource for all aspects of this project. Having served with Reckless in some of the most grisly days of battle, his insight about her conditions of service and the ill-fitting tack she shouldered lent a powerful credence to an accurate vision of this mare, laden with the duties she was asked to perform. A true horseman, he even assembled a model pack saddle, complete with similar rope of the era, lashing down the appropriate sized mock containers with the appropriately tied knots. This arrived at my studio in Friday Harbor via FedEx, complete with a bottle of celebratory Plum Wine. Thank you, Harold Wadley.

Dubbing ourselves Team Reckless, the lot of us managed to volley innumerable group emails to each other over the last two years, pinning down details of her height, weight, shoe size and favorite beer. I truly felt there were days that she was guiding my hand on the clay. When my sculpting was finished and she was ready for the foundry, the freight truck came to pick her up at my studio. The freighters and I rolled a 500 pound crate up the ramp and slammed the door. As they left the drive, I turned to face an empty studio floor, and through the tears, came to understand how much this project has meant, and how Reckless continues to touch us all.

A special thanks to my husband, Michael. He not only provided calm and compassionate support, but cooked most of the meals and cleaned the house while I was knee deep in research and reference... it is not an easy task to immortalize not only Reckless, but her every buckle, strap and lashing. After all, she was a Marine... and I had no more room for error than she did.

I am truly honored to be the artist chosen to bring Reckless back to life. Thank you all again for saving this day to pay tribute to this wonderful little four legged Marine, Staff Sergeant Reckless.

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