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Cape Buffalo
12"H x 14"L x 6"W
Edition of 48

Our first trip to Africa... I was anxious to see what the cape buffalo was all about. The encounter was from the safety of a vehicle, our guide hitting reverse on the dusty road for our first look at the bedded bull... which was only a few feet from the road and nearly totally concealed. A dip in the horn had caught our guide`s eye, and he insisted the bull was "right there... in the grass." Africa Rookies, we were craning our necks in disbelief; no possibility of a one ton animal within a few feet of us. Suddenly, the bull exploded from concealment, blowing snot and spinning in a circle... imposing and convincing, planting his hooves and giving us the 'Dead Eye'. Seeming to loom over us, I remember thinking, 'OK...I believe you...YOU are BAD!` The bull rolled his eyes, took two steps away, turned back at us again, snorted and glared... then disappeared into the bush. Gone. The image was etched in my mind, an animal with such impressive size, zero tolerance, and a lot of armor to back up a bad attitude. Little wonder that hunters find these animals 'to die for`....and then sometimes do.

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