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trinchera elk monument projectinitial proposal -click 'next' or scroll thumbnails at right

I was born and raised in the country near Alamosa. Although now a Washington resident, my business is still based in Colorado, and my ties remain strong in the San Luis Valley. I was fortunate to have an adventurous family with four siblings, and the folks would pile us into the Suburban for a trip to the mountains nearly every weekend. We often found ourselves around Mount Blanca near the Trinchera, chasing arrowheads and picking pinion nuts.

My Mom, who is also an artist, has painted over 1000 paintings of Mt Blanca. it was an icon of the valley, and growing up, I watched many sunrises and sunsets cast beautiful colors on the Sangres. A few years ago, I purchased several acres on the west side of Blanca, by the great Sand Dunes National Monument. I looked at properties at Forbes, but wanted to be a little closer to Alamosa as both the folks and all of my siblings are still in the valley. I have yet to build there, but I continue to dream about it and visit the property several time a year. As the crow flies, it's about twelve miles over the Blanca peaks to Trinchera.

With three brothers and a dad that all hunt, I was raised on elk meat. I'm probably half elk, haha. I think the biggest bull my Daddy ever shot measured 356. Opening day of elk season, Dad and the three brothers would head off to the hills and usually by ten that morning, we had at least one bull in the barn. I would run out when the vehicle pulled in... the elk was usually still warm. I won't lie, it always made me sad for their death, I am an animal lover at heart. But I am also a carnivore... so in short order, I was in the barn, helping skin the elk and inspecting every part that came off the carcass, especially the head and legs/hooves. It fascinated me. I still drag animal parts home, they are strung around my shop and are very useful for hands-on reference during sculpting projects.

I'm thrilled to be able to sculpt a monument for an area that remains near and dear to me. Thank You!

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