trinchera elk monument project
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trinchera elk monument projectinitial proposal -click 'next' or scroll thumbnails at right

I was photographing this beautiful bull in Mammoth (Yellowstone) and watched a big cow as she broke from his herd. I was stunned to watch him leave his cows and take chase after her, across the mountain side, through a rock slide, and up a ravine. I could hardly see them through my telephoto camera lens, although I could hear the rocks rolling down the hill behind them. After several minutes, he finally got in behind the exhausted cow and began to bring her back. They passed by me again, both panting... the cow's tongue was actually hanging out! She reluctantly joined the herd. I still wonder how impressive that big bull in the distance must have been. She was ditching a magnificent (and tenacious) harem master. He stopped down the hill several times and bugled defiantly. This is the inspiration for the Trinchera Bull.

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