trinchera elk monument project
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trinchera elk monument projectinitial proposal -click 'next' or scroll thumbnails at right

This is a sample contract that shows the verbiage and structure of payments to be requested. Not all projects tally $250,000, so please do not think that this will be the purchase price on a lone elk! This contract had three Life + 1/2 figures.

Here's how I approach a possible monument commission.

First, we discuss price/size and determine if the concept is within the projected budget. I can adjust the size or design as needed or explore other options altogether.

Then, I get ideas from the client on the pose of choice (or I can come up with several different ideas to choose from) and then I sculpt a miniature in clay for approval. If the client approves the miniature and wants to move forward, I sculpt the next size up (in-home size maquette, approximately 12-16" at the shoulder).

I do not charge for any of this part of the project, and the client is encouraged to be as involved as much as they would like. I update the progress regularly via photos on their private monument link, and keep them in the loop on the evolving sculpture. Through this stage, they are free to change their mind at any time, including canceling the project if they do not feel it is the right direction for them.

It is my job to make the sculpture irresistible. My goal is to create a win/win project, and the bonus is that I will have a nice new small sculpture to take to my shows!

If the client approves the maquette and wants to move forward at monument-size, we nail down the exact size/budget and I come up with some firm numbers and draw up a proposal for that amount. If approved, it moves to contract stage.

I usually request 25% down to start the monument, 25%-50% due upon completion and approval in clay at monument size, and the balance due upon delivery and final approval/satisfaction. I strive to make sure there are no surprises for the client and I have an excellent track record for client satisfaction.

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