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'Little Lioness' -cat
14"H x 14"L x 4"W
Edition of 48

As a child, my folks had a nice library of books, including many animal books. I spent hours flipping through them, page after page, studying the photos and facts about various critters. I especially remember one cat book that had an endearing pose of a teenage Siamese cat, stretched out in a familiar feline stance, as if to ask, 'And what do you have for ME?` I remember wishing I could get a hold of that little cat, and I sketched it on occasion, as if I could bring it to life. After my parents divorced in the early 80`s (and recently reunited!) they underwent the discarding of 'unimportant` belongings in order to combine households. To my amazement, on a recent visit, tucked away on a new bookshelf was the familiar childhood book. I took the opportunity to finally turn this memory into a 3-D reality and, after my recent trips to Africa, titled the piece to reflect the beautiful similarities in our little house cat and the powerful animals that rule the Serengeti.

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