'lounge lizard'

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lounge lizard
"Lounge Lizard" -Bunny
Edition of 48
6H x 16L x 4W

I was privileged enough to chance across this little bunny one sweltering summer day on the shores of Lake Powell. My young boys and I were somewhat bored with fishing in the traditional manner, so we modified our tactics for dry land. In a region abundant with lizards, we took the hook out of one of our rubber jigs and began casting for lizards! Boys squealing with delight (OK, me too), the little lizards would take chase across the sand and latch on. We could reel them right up to our feet and suspend them off the ground, they just wouldn't let go! Suddenly, during the lizard stalk, here lies this little bunny, stretched out in the heat. I quickly returned to camp to grab my camera for the photo op, expecting to find the bunny long gone. To my surprise, he was just as I had left him, strung out in a casual, yet dignified pose. As the local lizards scattered, I began taking photos of this 'Lounge Lizard` at quite a distance, edging up slowly and watching for any uneasiness. The little guy never flinched, and at 10 feet away, I circled for some great reference work and went along my way. He never gave me the satisfaction of a glance!

"I am looking at my gorgeous bunny, he is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much, we just love his coloring and the shades of gold we requested. He's gracing our home beautifully and we were very surprised and pleased he arrived so quickly. We look forward to purchasing some more of your beautiful pieces in the future."

Thanks so much for making this such a wonderful experience!
Cyndy Kennedy

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