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Update Calendar

Your calendar displays can be annotated with an unlimited number of events. Events are not able to span months, if your event crosses from one month to the next, you will need to make two events (one for each month).

  • Text Description - A paragraph of text describing this event. This description will be linked to your event title if the "Event Link" is left blank.

  • Event Title - A title which will become the calendar annotation for this event.

  • Event Link - The Url of a web page or site related to this event. (Not Required).

  • Event Month - Month in which to annotate the calendar.

  • 4-Digit Year - Year in which to annotate the calendar (must be four digits).

  • Background Color - The annotation will have this color for a background.

  • Select Event Days - Select the days of the month you which to have the calendar annotated

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