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Entering Additional Information - Captions.

Additional information can be included in your photo album in a variety of ways.

(The EzPics system is designed to allow for the use of HTML in all Titles, Captions and Text.)

Opening Tag Function Closing Tag
<I> Italicize the enclosed text </I>
<B> Bold the enclosed text </B>
<center> Center the enclosed text </center>
<BR> Break to a new line
(No closing tag required)
  • THUMB: Above and Below

Every thumbnail image presented as part of your photo album, can have a short caption above and below it. There is no limit on the length of these captions but we recommend you keep the thumb captions short for appearance purposes.

  • Main Caption:

The main caption appears below the full size image, again there is no limit on length, but if you have a lot to say use the 'Write Text' option.

  • Image Viewable?

This is a simple way to temporarily deactivate an image slot in your display.

  • Link to Audio:

This feature gives the user the ability to hot link a sound clip (.mp3 files only) to any or all images on their website along with the option of starting the clip automatically or letting the viewer click a button to start the clip. Just input the audio link and choose the start option. While building this feature I found extremely helpful in making the sound clips (mp3 files) and a good place to host the mp3 files.

  • Link Image to:

Each full size image viewed in your album can be linked to any URL. When this feature is used the image will have a 'Click Image for Related Information" notice below it. One of the most common ways to use this feature is to link to a 'mailto:' box. Ex.