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Your web site may have multiple URLs that lead to it. If this is the case you have the ability to define different keywords sets for each entry point. It is to your benefit to do this as it will help your rankings with the search engines.

If more than one of your URLs get indexed by a search engine, it will give you multiple opportunities to entice a surfer to become a visitor to your site. At the very least you should have different primary search phrases, titles and descriptions for each URL.

QR (Quick Resorce) Code - The QR Code associated with each domain will open up your website with the respective domain when scanned with a smart phone. These codes are intended to be used with all of your print advertising from business cards to full page magazine ads.

TITLE - Use a short (one sentence) title that describes your web site. This title will appear in the icon for most browsers when your site is being viewed and more importantly most search engines will show it when your site comes up for a search term. Include as many keywords as possible

DESCRIPTION - The Meta Description should be brief. It's the most important 150 character (use them all) ad' you will write. It is also used by most search engines as the description shown when your site is indexed for a search term. It needs to entice a "Surfer" to become a "Visitor."

KEYWORDS - First, figure out what the Target Market (people) will type into the search engine when they are looking for your "Product." Next, in order to cover all the bases, add in the most common synonyms and misspellings. Most search engines put more emphasis on the first keywords than they do on the last.

OPENING DISPLAY NAME: - Each URL can (and should) open with a different main page in your site.