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Overview and Features

The EzPics system provides you with a convenient and easy way to keep your web site interesting and dynamic. The data on your web site can be uploaded by you, from any PC and you can change the layout and content at any time

Our system uses on a unit we call a display. The user (you) can have any number of displays, each has its own URL (web address) and is actually a mini web site in itself. These displays are then linked into an existing web site or if we implement a web site for you the entire site is a combination of displays. Each display is broken down into data slots. Each slot has an image, caption, story, description, link, price and anything else you need to get your message across associated with it.

You input the data to be displayed in a pure text format, no HTML - just type it in. We store it in pure data files and give you an easy interface to change and update it. Then you choose one of a number of different ways to display it on the Internet. The EzPics system will generate the HTML code for you automatically 'on the fly'. This allows you the freedom to change your layout until you find the one that is right for your application.

  • You have the option of customizing and personalizing your displays as much or as little as you choose, the system will configure the HTML for you automatically.
  • All backgrounds and fonts are selectable, allowing you to change the look of your site with the click of a mouse.
  • Your data can be displayed in formats ranging from a slide show to a bio page (combination of images and text) to an online catalog complete with shopping cart.
  • Our E-Commerce solution allows you to sell items on your site by simply inputting a price. The system will dynamically recognize the data in a particular slot as for sale when you input the price.
  • Your viewers interactively control the way in which they view your site. You can even password protect sections of your site.

Note: Terms and conditions of EzPics are subject to change;
Use of this service constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions outlined in 'Terms of Service'.