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Selling Your Product!

This feature allows you to input an Item ID, Item Description, Price and Shipping to be associated with each item featured in your photo display.

When you use this option an "Purchase" button will appear in the control panel for each image. When your viewer clicks on this button they will be given the option of including the item in a shopping cart.

At the end of their session, on your site, they will have the option of printing out an order form or emailing the order to you. If you decide to attach your merchant account to your web site, your clients can pay for their order online.

Only those items for which you have filled in the shopping cart info will have a "Purchase" button associated with them.

Shipping Options!

You have the ability to set shipping charges individually or set a percentage to be added to all merchandise together. Here is how it works:

Shipping charges input on the Size Options page will override the shipping charge input on the Pricing Options Data page.

Likewise if the shipping charge is left blank on both the Size Options page and the Pricing Options the percentage input on the Merchant Data page will be applied to the total price.

Price Options, Color Options and Misc. Options!

The Price Options page gives you the ability to specify a choice of sizes, styles, quantities etc for your product, each of which is priced differently. Fill in the options available, set different prices with each option and choose the default option that is to initially presented to the buyer.

The Color Options options page gives you the ability to specify a choice of colors for your product.

The Misc. Options page gives your client the ability to specify options that were not covered under "Colors" or "Price Options". An example of this may be someone selling paint: "Options" could be used for Quart, Gallon etc and "Other Options" for Textured or Smooth.


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