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Things to Remember

Your email address is not essential for us to set up your account. However,
  • Lost or forgotten passwords are only replaced by email.
  • We are constantly implementing new ideas and features and would like to be able to tell you about them.
  • When an account is about to expire, we would like to warn you before the system automatically deletes something you have spent a lot of time customizing for your web site.

"User Login Name"

A unique name, choosen by you, used to identify your account. Try to pick a User Login Name you can remember. User Login Name is case sensitive. Use letters and numbers only, no spaces. Your Password will initially be set to your User Login Name.

"Email Address"

Your email address is used to send you warnings of albums that have expired and are about to be deleted. Your address will not be used for any type of unsolicited mailings. Use a fake address or leave this field blank at your own risk.

"Album Name"

The name of your initial photo album. You can override the default (Gallery1) at this point, however once you leave this page you will not be able to rename your album..

"Number of Photos"

The maximum number of photos you would like to have in your display.

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