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What in the world is a "Slot Pool"?

An EzPics account is made up of individual displays and displays are comprised of image slots. Each EzPics user (account) is allocated a certain number of image slots initially and then has the option of adding blocks of additional slots as they are needed. The annual renewal fee for each account is based on the total number of image slots allocated.

  • Image Slot - The primary component of a display is an image slot or just a slot. Each image slot has a variety of data items associated with it like a caption, price, text block, link etc. Most displays are composed of one or more slots and slots can be added to or removed from displays.

  • Slot Pool - Each account has a maximum number of image slots associated with it. If an image slot is assigned to a display it is said to be "Reserved". Slots that are reserved and have images associated with them are said to be "Used".
    It is quite common to have slots reserved in displays that do not have images associated with them. Slots that are not reserved and are available to be added to an existing display or used to build a new display are said to be in the slot pool.

Slots can be returned to the pool in one of two ways:
  • A portion of the slots reserved by a display can be put back in the pool by removing them on the "Customize Page".
  • When a display is deleted all of it's reserved slots are returned to the slot pool.