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Share Your Photos!

Each display is really a 'mini web site' and can be viewed by anyone as long as they have Internet access and know the URL (web address).
Each display also has a QR (Quick Resorce) code associated with it for use in print media. This QR code should be included for everything from magazine ads to product packaging.

Your EzPics displays can be emailed to friends and family by sending them the URL:[User Name]/[Display Name]/go

It can be added to any web site by simply adding the following HTML to your menu.
<A HREF="[Username]/[Album Name]/go" TARGET="_top">My Photos</A><BR>

where [Username] is your account login name and [Album Name] is the name of your photo display.

(The links for your photo albums can also be viewed by clicking on the "Web Addresses" button in the left hand menu.)