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Uploading Your Pictures

To use this software effectively, you must be using a browser which supports file upload. Click Here for more Information

Copyright's can be added to your images.
Simply fill in your copyright text and choose the text color. Your text will be added to each image as it is uploaded. To upload an image without adding your text simply uncheck the "Copyright Photo" box. (Note: Any text you input will be added and we have found a good deal of traffic is generated by adding your web site address to your images.)

The Upload Process is designed to allow you to search "Your PC".
When you click on the Browse.. button a window pops up which shows you the file structure on your PC. (Be sure to select File of Type: All Files (*.*) ). Double click on the image file to be uploaded and you will see the file path appear in the box next to the browse.. button.

Repeat this process for each photo to be uploaded.

Click on the 'Upload New Photos' button to start the uploading process.


  • The system will not try to upload a file larger than 1 megabyte or 1000K.
    (80K if you choose Optimize Off))

  • The Optimize option will solve a lot of the problems inherent with digitizing photos. Unless you have a good reason to choose "Optimize Off" we recommend you let the system work.
    Note: When uploading images you have the option of optimizing at 225 x 300 pixels or 450 x 450 pixels or 600 x 600 pixels. These values are maximum pixels in either direction, once the max has been reached in x or y the optimizer will maintain proportions.

    Effective 1/2005 - If the original size of your image is larger than the size you specify,the system will attemp to save a large version of your image (up to 800 x 800) pixels. If this is successful a link will be displayed with your image that will allow the viewer to see the larger view. Note: You must be uploading an original image that is larger than the optimize size specified.

    For a Photo Page choosing 225 x 300 will optimize to a size that is a max of 225 pixels wide. Your image will be offset in the display and your text will wrap around the image. Choose 450 x 450 or 600 x 600 and the image will be centered with the text below it.

  • The Crop Thumbnails option will assure all thumnails will be of a uniform size. If this option is turned off the thumbnail will be 100 pixels in width and the height will be porportional to the original image. If the Crop option is turned on the thumb will be cropped to 100 x 100 pixels. Note: Thumbnails are created when the picture is uploaded if you want to go from uncropped to cropped you must re-upload the image.

  • The speed of your upload is dependant on file size and the quality of your connection to the Internet. A lot of processing takes place during uploads, Please Be Patient.

  • When changing a picture you have the option of saving or deleting the captions for the old picture. This comes in handy if you are just uploading a new picture but do not want to change the captions.

  • To delete a photo from your display merely check the delete photo box for that image.

  • If you encounter a General Protection Fault in msvcrt.dll when you are trying to upload images with Netscape, you need to exit Communicator and delete all the .tmp files from your Windows and Tmp (or Temp) directories. After that has been done, you should be able to upload without any problems. This problem is caused by a Windows limitation with .tmp files.

You must be using an upload-enabled browser to upload pictures with this software. If you do not see a Browse.. button on the next line you are using an outdated browser.

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