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Color Options

There are two categories of text used on the main page of your web site, for lack of a better name they are called Text and Text2.

Text is generally used for main titles and headings and Text2 for sub titles and headings. As the site owner you have the ability to change the color, size and style of each category. This is the page to change the text colors, the text size and font style are set on the "Font Options" page.

To change the text colors on the main page of your web site:

  • Click on the parameter( Text1, Text2) for which you are assigning a color.

  • Click on the color you are assigning.

  • The new color will automatically appear in the bottom half of the page.

  • Repeat this process to change colors for the other text category.

  • Important: Each time you try a new color you are changing the color on your display. If you are just experimenting be sure to preview your display to check for compatibility with your background.

  • Note: To assign a solid color for a background you must first clear any background images you may have assigned on the background options page.

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