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Web Site Email "Send Email"

  • No Email mode is designed to allow you to experiment with the "Sort" and "Match" keys to target certain segments of your list without actually sending any emails.

  • Test Email mode will send one email to the email address listed as your Contact Email Address. This message will be personalized to the first person in your list, but it will be sent to your contact address. This allows you to preview the email message that your clients will receive when you run the Send Email mode.

  • Send Email mode will send an email to the segment of your list defined by the Match key and Search Value you input.

  • Sort By
    The "Sort By" key allows you to list your target group in any order you choose. For example: Your "Match and Search Value" combination might return all entries in the state of Florida and your "Sort By" value would list them by last name.

    Match Key and Search Value
    By selecting a "Match Key" and entering a corresponding "Search Value" you can define a select target group from your list. A blank "Search Value" for any "Match Key" will send a message to everyone in your list. The * is a wild card and will match any character or character string.

    Match KeySearch ValueReturns
    Creation2000/03/20All entries in the data base created on March 20,2000
    Creation2000*All entries in the data base created in the year 2000
    Creation*/03/*All entries in the data base created in the month of March

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