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Web Site Profile Data

Your web site profile data was initially input when you signed up and started your site but can be changed at any time. It is primarily used for the contact information displayed on your web site and in addition the some of the data (i.e. Company) is used in the titles on your main page.

  • NAME:

Your first and last name. Your last name is used to construct a login name for your account when your site is initially set up.


Your company's name. This will appear in the main title on your web site.


Your mailing address street and number.


Your mailing address City and State.


Your postal code is used to construct a map of your location. When you use a 9-digit postal code the area map becomes very accurate.


Your website address


Your email address. It is important to give us an accurate email address, this is where we will send any correspondance concerning lost passwords as well as renewal notices etc.


Your telephone number with area code.

  • FAX:

Your telephone number with area code.

  • Map Button:

Not everyone likes the detailed map option, this allows you to turn it on and off.


Some types of web sites offer sponsor provided content, this option allows you to choose a general category for this content.

  • QR (Quick Resource) Contact Information Code:

This QR code contains all of your contact information and allows a user to easily add your info to their address book by simply scanning the code with a smart phone.

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